Linux isn't hard, it's just different For many companies, migrating from Windows to Linux makes sense. The reasons are compelling: greater stability and reliability, lower cost, access to application source code, greater security, and conformity with open standards, according to numerous independent studies and industry experts.

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Linux migration advantages

Open Source
Easy apps installation
Very fast
Easy to change options
Completely FREE
Support any multimedia types

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Things you expect from Linux :

Forget about software licensing issue

Operating „Linux” system is freeware! This means that the product does not need to acquire a license and it can replace the Windows commercial product. Simply „Linux” speaking – is a free operating system for your office (Linux for businesses). We will help you to install Linux in the office of your company on all computers.


Having ordered the Linux installation in our company, you save money on refusing from Microsoft licensed Windows operating systems, and receive the high-quality computer help with the most reasonable prices.


On the Linux operating system there are no viruses. Therefore it is one more powerful argument to move your company to Linux. It allows to store your data more safely.

1C on Linux

Outset — there is no working analog of the program 1C under Linux!
But there is other variants of solving this problem.

Use all available licensed software

Installing software on Linux. Today, many programs support this platform, so our masters will move all the necessary licensed software on a Linux operating system.

Choose the software so that the retraining of staff has taken a minimum amount of time

We will install the most necessary programs which are most similar to habitual office product of the Microsoft company on the Linux platform. With respect to your office employees should not spend time for retraining because they will easily orient in their familiar environment

Increase fail safety and reliability of a local area network in general.

Usually the local area network and the software works at the Linux platform safely. Therefore Linux is the most right choice for the organizations of persons interested to spare not only on the expensive software, but also on reliability of information storage.

Alternative replacement of the software

The most often used software set applied in the Windows operating system can be replaced with the alternative programs working at the Linux platform:

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